The Fort by R. Holt 

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  The Fort by R. Holt

                                                           4/5 stars

                                             Goodreads Description 

Jake remembers when he was still an innocent kid, just waiting for something exciting to happen in the summer between elementary school and junior high school. The excitement was Malia, who just moved in to the house across the street.

This is Jake’s story. He and his closest friends, Charlie, Beth, and Emma, have been together from the beginning as toddlers, until Malia joined their group that summer. Their summer began with the metamorphosis of their playhouse into The Fort. This special place holds their deepest and darkest secrets, from childhood to adulthood. Growing and experiencing countless adventures through junior high and high school, they returned to The Fort on graduation night to say good-bye to each other, to The Fort, and to their childhood.

Returning to their high school reunion after going to college, working, and loving others, they have become different. Altered by life and adulthood, they have experienced life, death, and everything in between. And what if the one person who Jake thought he could always count on has changed and is keeping a devastating secret? Would that secret tear them apart?

                                                   My Review: 

I did enjoy this book, but it took me a little while to get into it. The book is divided into three different sections entitled “The Kid Years, The Teenage Years, & The Adult Years.”

 “The Kid Years” weren’t that exciting in my opinion, although it was hilarious. The things Jake & Charlie done were just so funny! 

Once I got into “The Teenage Years,” I was hooked. The way each of the friends grew into a teenager was cool to see. “The Adult Years” were definitely my favorite. I loved the way the friends didn’t grow apart despite them not seeing each other for some time. This book was full of unexpected plot twist so it kept me interested the whole time. At first I thought the book would be predictable, but it turned out to be an amazing read and I am so excited to read the sequel! 

Also, the author of this book, R. Holt, is such a sweet person. I hate meeting authors that have nothing nice to say to you and don’t appreciate you showing their book love. R. Holt is definitely not that person, she is so kind! Oh, and thank you so much for not leaving us with a cliffhanger, but instead leaving us satisfied with what happened and still eager to read the next book! You done a wonderful job! Such a great book! 🙂 

I was sent this book by the author in exchange for my honest review. 🙂 


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