Stronger By Your Side by A. Hart

You can purchase Stronger By Your Side here!
Don’t forget to read the first book in the Great Love Series!! 


Back of book: 

Megan Maxwell is left pregnant, widowed and alone. Her late husband’s best friends step up to the plate to help take care of her and her baby girl. Year’s later Megan ventures back to her husband’s home town in search for a little piece of him. Instead of finding a part of him in the small town, Megan finds a part of her that she never thought she would have to face again. In a twist of events Megan is face to face with both her past and future. She is forced to look deep inside of herself for strength and maybe, just maybe, she can be strong enough to let herself love again. 

Fire fighter Sawyer Prescott has spent the last eight years working around the clock so that he had no time to think. Time to think would mean time to remember and he doesn’t want to remember . Not his parents dying or the only girl he ever loved leaving him unexpectedly. Suddenly he comes face to face with the very reason why he worked the time away, and is forced to decide what to do next. Scared to lose the one that got away again, Sawyer must devise a good plan to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. When the past comes between them…can they have a future? 

Stronger By Your Side is a heart-thumping, page-turning, romance that is riddled with questions about love, loss, hope and fate.

5/5 stars 

My review: 

May contain spoilers if you haven’t read the first book… You totally will not regret reading it! 😉

This book could not have been more perfect. An amazing addition to this wonderful series. This book takes off from Megan’s, the wife of Charles Maxwell, point of view. She has a young daughter and she is trying to raise her as a single mother. Megan moves back to Charles’s hometown to be with his friends & family. I loved that we got to see how Cal & Emerson were doing, yet still got to see Megan’s side of the story. 
As in the first book, Amanda’s writing was nothing short of amazing. She writes with such a passion, she makes you feel like you are right there with each of the characters! Besides her writing, she crafted another beautiful story of love & hope. And it was filled with romance & secrets & omg I’m getting all the feels just thinking about it! The book ended so much differently then I expected, and I love how she held me to the very end. Such a wonderful novel of true love and true friendships! Every person who loves a good story will enjoy this book! 


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